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Pro quality

These breaks are 100% fire.

Liquid Rollers Vol.1
Derek Petrucci

Fantastic pack. will be investing in more of your products.

Banshee Serum Presets
Finn Berentson

Honestly, these presets are beautifully crafted and they let you in on the secret sauce when you reverse engineer and tweak them. If I could put these bass lines on a shelf to look at, I would.

Dark Rollers Vol.2
scott melvin
Dark rollers 1 + 2

Great sample packs both have great clarity and unique samples and will definitely be keeping my eyes open for any new packs coming in the future, i would also recommend any dnb producer to get these in the collection great stuff.

Dark Rollers Vol.4
Ruger Allen
Absolutely amazing pack

This pack is full of bits to keep my creative mind flowing and makes it easy to map out a track with loops for a skeleton before going back in to get into the nitty gritty. I find myself pulling everything i need from this single pack for a project

Tech Flavours
James Carroll
Tech flavours review

TT ten ten,

Keep em coming man some Jungle vibes and more like this would be amazing.

Pro DNB Breaks Vol.1
Lukáš Agner

Pro DNB Breaks Vol.1

excellent stuff here

Pro DNB Breaks Vol.1
Thomas Smith
Pro DNB Breaks Vol.1 Delivers!

Breaks are top-notch, delivering powerful and dynamic rhythms. The variety of textures and well-crafted sounds make it a go-to for producers in the genre

Really happy👍

Dark Rollers Vol.4
Valeri Sholevski OGONEK
Can't get more amazing than this.

Quality, clean and dark. Straight to the point!

Dark Rollers Vol.4
Joshua van der Spuy

Money well spent

So good!

I'm still working through everything in thus pack, but every single sample so far is top quality, and sounds amazing. I'm extremely happy with this pack, and it was absolutely worth every penny. Obtaining this pack definitely upped my production game a few notches.

Pro DNB Breaks Vol.1

Top notch!

Pro dnb breaks

Great pack please do some more

Nice stuff

Very usefull samples, one of the best packs out there

Proper Deep Dubstep

Proper deep dubstep pack full of deep subs and very well crafted drums ,and the melodic loops are a very sick add


Loved it, thank you kan you have the best samples!

Not enough

Please release more like this :)

Perfect blend of dark sounds

i love your DnB sample packs! The demo tracks for the products are too good, not sure who is making them but i want to know.. I would love to see some tutorials from you guys, peace from melbourne

Radar Dark Tech Synths
Lucas Tremblay
Dubby and fun

Love reaching into this pack to make dub/tech inspired tunes

140 Dark Vol.1
Lukas Müller
badass 140 sounds

some really nice sounds in here that are a vibe

Warhorns II
Daniel Skanks
Really good samples that bring the heeat!

Pure gold in these samples, easy to make bangers

Liquid Rollers Vol.1
William Dunn
Amazing liquid vibes

They'll make your beats stand out. Vibes!

Great stuff

Opening doors for me as a producer to see how these sounds were made, thanks kan