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Grains Vol.1

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Grains is a Library of over 300 non-rhythmic Texture Loops and Hits designed for use in Sound Design, Synthesis and Music Production. All of the samples in this product have either been recorded using Stereo Field Recording Microphones or synthesised using Software Synthesisers. Together they create a diverse library of audio textures that can be used for multiple creative purposes.

  • This product features 320 High Quality, Royalty Free, 24bit 44.1kHz WAV files (496.1MB total) broken down as:

    20x Crunch Loops (Paper, Clothes, Fabrics, Plastics, Bags)

    20x Synthetic Loops (Unusual and interesting Synthesis)

    20x Metallic Loops (Metal Objects, Radiators, Tins, Cutlery, Coins)

    20x Complex Loops (Processed Recordings and Synthetic Sounds combined together)

    20x Environment Loops (Outdoor and Indoor Environment Recordings)

    20x Lo-Fi Loops (Vinyl Dust, Crackle, Rain, Cafe Atmospheres and Cosiness)

    200 One Shots: 100 Foley and Texture Hits and 100 Foley Drum Hits.

  • The Samples included in this product are 24bit 44.1kHz WAV Files.

    WAV Files are a very high quality, lossless audio file format and they are compatible with all DAWs, including: Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton, Fruity Loops, Cubase, Reason, Studio One, GarageBand, Sonar and many others.

  • Texture and Foley sounds can be used for a range of creative purposes in Sound Design and are a valuable ingredient used by Producers to add detail, texture depth and setting to their work.

    Read more about how you can use Foley and Textures in Music Production.

    Grains provides a catalogue of varied Texture and Foley Loops and Hits all ordered and categorised into different groups: Crunch Sounds (Paper, Clothes, Fabrics, Plastics, Bags), Synthetic Sounds (Unusual and interesting Synthesis), Metallic Sounds (Metal Objects, Radiators, Tins, Cutlery, Coins), Complex Sounds (Processed Recordings and Synthetic Sounds combined together), Environmental Sounds (Outdoor and Indoor Environment Recordings), Lo-Fi Sounds (Low Resolution Textures, Vinyl Sounds and Lo-Fi themed Background Sounds) and Animal One Shot Sounds.

    In addition to this there is also a collection of Drum Hits made by layering Foley sounds with synthesis.

License Info

When you purchase this product, you are purchasing a licence to use the Samples, Loops or Presets within your own work.

So ensure that the details you provide at checkout are correct when purchasing the product, as they will be stored on our Licence Holders Database.

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