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Cyclone Serum Presets

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Elevate your bass and synth sounds with this Reese Bass Serum preset pack. Dive into 45 meticulously crafted Xfer Serum presets, providing an in-depth exploration of synthesis and sound design techniques employed in the creation of the samples and loops found in Cyclone Reese Bass Hits. Enhance your tracks with these powerful presets designed to take your sound to new heights. Discover the perfect blend of Reese bass and Serum magic to make your music stand out.

To use these presets you must own a copy of Serum, updated to version 1.304 or later.

  • This product features 45 High Quality, Royalty Free, Serum Presets .fxp files (4.6MB total) broken down as:

    45 Bass Presets

  • The Xfer Serum Presets included in this product are .fxp files, compatible with version 1.304 of Serum (or above).

    The presets in this product may not be compatible with a previous version of Serum. If you need help updating your plugin, check out our guide on how to update serum.

  • The Reese Bass sits at the core of Bass Sound design in Drum & Bass, so we felt it deserves a spotlight product of its own. Mastering this technique can really upgrade your sound design skills and unlock more possibilities for you as a Drum & Bass producer. It is arguably the most audibly pleasing Bass sound, able to fill out the low end and carry a tunes vibe on its own.

    With Cyclone Serum Presets, you will be able to explore a range of diverse forms that the Reese Bass can take. We aimed to create a masterclass in Reese Bass design whilst also including unique sounds featuring heavy distortion reminiscent of the classic Metalheadz sound over the years.

    How Do You Make A Reese Bass?

    The theory of Reese Bass sound design is simple: detune two or more waveforms to create intricate movement and phasing patterns between them and introduce a Sub to carry the tone. Texture and detail can be added through the use of bandpass or notch filtering and selective FX processing. Almost any waveform can be used as a source and the FX processing techniques are also practically limitless.

    The majority of the bass presets in this product follow this core principle of Reese Bass Sound Design. For us some of the highlights include: Cyclone, Madmax, RedHorn, Kallax, Gladiator, Force, NotchKing, NotchQueen and NotchPrince.

    In exploring the Metalheadz sound, it became apparent that heavy distortion was paramount to matching the iconic sounds of the label. With its roots firmly set in the 90’s, the label still carries with it overtones of the production style of the formative years for Drum & Bass to this day.

    Key presets inspired by Metalheadz records include: TheShakeout, Furnace, Gladiator, Heavy Guitar, Lazerface, Headspinner, Headzup, Headvibe, XTC and TheOriginal.

    If you are interested in working with Samples or expanding your Reese Bass Sample Library, check out Cyclone Reese Bass Hits.

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So ensure that the details you provide at checkout are correct when purchasing the product, as they will be stored on our Licence Holders Database.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
David Wells
Masterfully done

Great presets, look out for the notch bass samples they are amazing, I am trying not to use them in every track (and failing)

Benjamin Kovač
Best packs

was buzzing for this too come out, please do more serum presets